Hello! My name is Rafael Contreras, and I’m a UX Architect (UX research, UI/UX design, front-end development) working in Auckland, New Zealand.

About me

I’m a Mexican living in Auckland, New Zealand. I graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education with a degree in Computer Science Engineering. Pursuing a more creative approach to development I enrolled again to school and achieved a degree in Graphic Design from Mexico University of Technology.

My current employer is Bayleys Real Estate— an incredible real estate company headquartered in Auckland CBD. I previously worked at Mako Networks

My values

I believe in human equality, the ethical treatment of animals, and the responsible care of our environment.

I do not have a religion but I respect other people’s beliefs and acknowledge the power of faith.

Everyday I make the conscious effort to treat people with kindness.

Technical interests

I am passionate for a high quality UX/UI product that meets the needs of the end user, achieves business goals and encourages the participation of the development team.

I have a strong sense of empathy that has given me the ability to learn what the users need, what the users want, and the capacity to differentiate between them. That way I can deliver the right tool for the right solution.

I have more than twenty years of experience in the Information Technology sector with a variety of roles and projects that have increased my knowledge and understanding of all areas of a business.

Non-technical interests

I have a little dog named Taco whom I love and we spend a lot of time exploring the beaches and parks of this city. I enjoy science fiction books, movies and TV shows. My latest hobby is cooking and I enjoy it very much.


Now that we have that out of the way, I hope you enjoy your time here! Please always feel free to drop me a line at raf@contrer.as, or check out my website for more contact information and detail.


You can download my latest CVs automatically generated from Latex